Accomodation rules

There are some general information about the camp, rules and prices.

  1. When boarding you must pay the refundable deposit of 1000 CZK.

  2. Begin of your accommodation after 2 PM, in the last day of your accommodation in the camp you must leave the room before 10 AM.

  3. Between 3.7. and 21.8. the accommodation begins in Saturdays only.

  4. In the last day before you leave the room, the room is handed to the operator of the camp. The deposit of 1000 CZK is refunded in case of no damaging of the chalet, rooms and any accessories. If the chalet or any part (devices, accessories, etc.) is damaged, repair costs will be used from this deposit. At the chalet is prohibited snitch and use tapping equipment including drums, using the grills provided to ensure uncontaminated floors - terraces grease and ashes.

  5. All displayed prices include VAT and also cover the costs of bed linen, water, electricity and parking.

  6. Accommodation reservation is performed on the basis of paying the deposit of 50 % from the total price of your accommodation. This deposit you must pay in advance, supplement locally on arrival.If you cancel the accommodation will be paid amount refunded into your bank account which is written in the cancellation form. The total refunded amount is reduced of the cancellation fee according to the following policy: Cancellation fee amount 200 / 400 / 800 CZK in case of 28, 14 or 7 days before negotiated boarding date.

  7. Children under 2 years are without an extra bed, the fee is 100 CZK per day.

  8. The fee for lost keys is 1000 CZK.

  9. Pitch / tent sites are numbered on grassy terraces, there is an electrical connection 6 A or connection of drinking water, drainage, sewage water.

  10. Pitch / tent sites - the arrival / entrance is any day of the week for the period from 12 to 20 hrs. Or within 22 hours.

  11. Pitch / tent sites - departure until 12 pm. The site is restored to a condition with respect to the location of the caravan / tent

  12. Reservations pitch / tent sites based on 50% deposit in advance, balance on the spot upon arrival, see section below 6th.

  13. Kindle open fire on lawns is prohibited.

Always keep in mind that our guests are especially families with children, please keep calm after 10 PM.

See you soon .........................